Ocean County Council of Education Associations


OCCEA/NJEA Committee Members

Affiliation – 
– Gregory Sailer
Certificate Evaluation & Tenure
Congressional Contact – Michael Mannion
Constitution Review
Consumer Services –
Convention – Gina Pizzito
DA Rules – 
Distinguished Service
Editorial Review – Andrea Fahey
Education Support Professionals – Annette Ruch
Elections – Gina Pizzito
Exceptional Child – Gina Pizzuto
Government Relations – Elaine Holleran  and Susan Morgan e-Mail: OCCEAlat@gmail.com
Health Benefits – Lisa Simone
Hearing-Censure, Suspension, Expulsion – Annette Ruch
Higher Education – Kathleen Malachowski and Neil Schiller
Human Rights
Instruction – Carol Mould
Leadership – Annette Ruch
Membership – Nancy Jubert
Membership Benefits – Karen Stewing
Minority Leadership & Recruitment – Stacy Robinson
NEA Activities – Gina Pizzuto
Paul Dimitriadis Rights Fund –  
Pension Policy
– Paul Hrebik
Professional Development – Lisa Crate
Professional Rights and Responsibilities – Carol Mould
Public Relations – Elaine Holleran
School Finance – Paul Hrebik
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – Paulette Fox
Technology – Virginia Hoden (State Chair)  and Karen Schwing
UniServ – Jodi Dotts
Urban Education – Annette Ruch
Vocational, Career, and Technical Education
Women in Education – Susan Morgan
Working Conditions – Joshua Eckensley
Worksite Safety & Health – Brenda Douglas
Youth Services – Cheryl Terranova